At Wellspring Craniofacial Group, we’re dedicated to transformative care, knowing that little corrections can make big differences in a child’s confidence. Our surgeons are recognized specialists in the field of ear reconstruction, and we successfully treat a range of ear-related conditions every day in our practice.

As parents, however, we know what it means to have and hold an infant and to want the best for your child. That’s why we see it as our job to go beyond treatment and surgery. Our doctors take the journey with families as they move from worry and fear to the joy of a successful and beautiful outcome.

An Overview of Ear Deformities

We love knowledgeable patients and families, and one of our central goals is to empower parents to make the best decisions for their child. First and foremost, we want families to know that ear deformities are very common for infants. Wellspring Craniofacial Group doctors see and effectively treat conditions like your child’s on a frequent basis.

It’s also useful to know that ear deformities can fall along a broad spectrum. Some of these conditions include:

  • Anotia, the complete absence of the external ear.
  • Various grades of microtia (an incompletely formed external ear).
  • Conditions where parts of the external ear are shaped

Different ear deformities benefit from different types of treatment, and so the first step that families should take when they receive the diagnosis is to schedule a consultation with our practice.

Treatment of Infant’s Ear Deformation Pamphlet

How We Approach Ear Deformities for Our Patients

Wellspring Craniofacial Group provides a welcoming experience for families. We want you and your child to feel comfortable, cared for, and confident in the road ahead.

Our staff will greet you and work hard to limit wait time. A medical assistant will gather details on the diagnosis that you have received. Then, you will have extensive time to talk with your pediatric craniofacial surgeon so that he can get to know you and your family. Personal and attentive care is a hallmark of our practice.

In planning treatment for ear deformities, our doctors conduct a thorough examination, learn about the concerns parents have, and discuss their intended approach. Our physicians place significant value on transparency in consultation—we want you to understand and feel good about the treatment we recommend, which may include non-surgical or surgical correction.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Ear Deformities

Traditionally, treatment for differently-shaped ears required surgery. However, Wellspring Craniofacial Group doctors have been at the forefront of a new, non-invasive approach called Newborn ear molding.

If your child is still in the first 1-2 weeks of life, ear molding can effectively and non-surgically change the shape of his or her ears. Our doctors use the technique for patients to address ears that are prominent, pointed, lopped, constricted, or underdeveloped. With this treatment, your child will wear a series of customized molds that guide the development of the ears in infancy. Around 90% of patients will see a good to excellent result from this method, if the treatment is started within the first 1-3 weeks of life.

Surgery for Ear Deformities

Children with certain ear deformities achieve the best results from surgical intervention. If your child has anotia or Microtia, then attention is directed at a surgical plan that creates a new ear. If your child’s ear has the normal parts but simply a difference in the shape or contour of those parts, then surgery (otoplasty) can be an excellent option.

Wellspring Craniofacial Group understands that making the choice for surgery can be difficult for parents. We will do everything we can to help you understand our approach and make the procedure a positive experience for your child with:

  • High-quality facilities. Our surgeons conduct procedures for ear deformities at one of several designated pediatric hospitals. The facilities offer great resources, experienced pediatric anesthesia providers, and attentive staff.
  • A focus on function and aesthetics. Your child’s care matters to us. Our doctors combine an artistic eye, dedication to cosmetic details, and surgical expertise to encourage a functional result that looks beautiful and natural.
  • Advanced methods. Traditionally, some reconstructive procedures required doctors to take cartilage from the rib. Wellspring Craniofacial Group surgeons use advanced techniques that don’t require donor material and that look and heal more naturally.
  • Timing procedures for proper development. Our guiding principle is to perform procedures for children when they are ready developmentally and, ideally, before their physical differences impact them socially. We’ll help your family plan for treatment so that you always know the road ahead.

Transformative Care for Patients and Families

If your child has a condition that requires treatment, we hope that you will choose the doctors of Wellspring Craniofacial Group. We invite you to schedule an appointment with our practice so that we can answer your questions, address your concerns about ear deformities, and provide your family with the care it deserves.

Wellspring Craniofacial Group encourages patients to contact our practice online or by calling (512) 600-2888 for a consultation.