Boy with hearing aids on gray backgroundLet’s face it. Whether you’re expecting a little one or have just delivered the newest member of your family, parents never want to think of their babies needing to see a surgeon. But for some Texas newborns, early intervention by a pediatric craniofacial surgeon can not only help a child develop aesthetically, but assist with obtaining normal functioning of the affected region of their face. Here are 5 main reasons why your child may need to see a pediatric craniofacial surgeon.

  1. Your Baby Was Born with a Cleft Lip

A cleft lip occurs when there is a split on one or both sides of the center of the lip. A genetic condition, this abnormality is known to negatively impact feeding and speech development once your child starts to talk. Early intervention with feeding assistance and restorative surgery around age 3-4 months old will help your child develop both aesthetically and functionally.

  1. Your Baby Was Born with a Cleft Palate

Often accompanying a cleft lip, a cleft palate occurs when there is a split in the roof of the mouth. Affecting feeding and speech, this genetic condition requires surgical correction. Most children begin surgery to correct a cleft palate shortly before their first birthday, and they may benefit from a couple additional surgeries in adolescence or teenage years.

  1. Your Child Was Born with Syndromic Craniosynostosis

There are a variety of syndromes that may cause your child to be diagnosed with syndromic craniosynostosis. While each specific syndrome varies, the general presentation of this diagnosis is a tall forehead and skull, low-set ears, shallow eye sockets, droopy eyelids, and fused fingers and/or toes. Treatments vary greatly depending on the exact syndrome your child is diagnosed with.

  1. Your Child Has Ear Abnormalities

Some children need to see a pediatric craniofacial surgeon because of ear abnormalities. Texas children may be born with a variety of different ear deformities, some which may be treated non-surgically, and others with require surgical intervention.

  1. Your Newborn Has Birthmarks or Vascular Malformations

If your child was born with birthmarks or vascular malformations, you might be seeking a pediatric craniofacial surgeon for assistance. While some birthmarks are really beauty marks to embrace, others may be in a sensitive location, interfere with normal functioning, bleed, or cause other skin-related conditions. With treatments ranging from lasers to surgical interventions, Dr. Cone and Dr. Langevin can address problematic issues that interfere with everyday life.

Whatever genetic craniofacial abnormality your child exhibits, Dr. Cone and Dr. Langevin at Wellspring Craniofacial Group is happy to consult with your family about a treatment plan. Fully experienced at performing a wide variety of craniofacial surgeries on pediatric patients, Dr. Cone and Dr. Langevin are trusted physicians for so many area families who are looking for the best option for their child to develop functionally and aesthetically.

To schedule an initial consultation with any of our pediatric craniofacial surgeons Dr. Cone or Dr. Langevin, contact our office today at (512) 600-2888.