Goals For Our Patients

We understand the importance of physical appearance when it comes to the development and self-esteem of your child. Congenital disabilities and traumatic injuries can impact every aspect of a child’s life, from physical ability to emotional well-being. As a result, our team of specialists is dedicated to addressing these needs, hearing a child’s and parent’s concerns, and crafting a specific treatment plan to optimize quality of life. In a word, we are passionate about transformations. Whereas a butterfly intuitively knows the steps to transform from a caterpillar to its full potential, children with craniofacial conditions can use a helping hand and trusted guide. That is where we come in. While a craniofacial diagnosis can be overwhelming for a patient and family, we see it as a central starting point to maximize a child’s potential.

What To Expect At Your Appointment

Our team specializes in your child’s diagnosis, but we know our patients by name. We go to great lengths to ensure you and your child are as comfortable as possible when you visit our pediatric craniofacial surgeon. As soon as you walk in the door, you will notice the waiting area is cozy, clean, and neat. Our waiting room is small by design because we do not keep our patients waiting long!

Expect to be greeted immediately with a friendly smile by our receptionist. When your name is called, one of our experienced medical assistants will gather important information about you and your child to help the doctor make a diagnosis and recommendations. Our pediatric craniofacial surgeons are just as concerned with your feelings as they are about your child’s. We won’t proceed unless we are confident that you are entirely comfortable with the surgical plan we create for your child.

We Focus on Results But Also on the Process

When a pediatric craniofacial surgeon has the quality of experience as ours do, the process of restoring function and appearance comes naturally. Our team obsesses about the details. When we meet with parents, we want to hear their concerns and help them visualize each step in the customized treatment plan. After all, every member of our team is a parent, too, and we weave that understanding into everything we do. By being focused on the process and on the results, our parents express a sense of relief and our patients obtain better outcomes.

Aesthetic Skill

Is the goal to optimize a child’s function or is it to optimize a child’s appearance? Our team knows that the goal is both. What sets our pediatric craniofacial surgeon apart from most craniofaical surgeons in the country is our deep experience in aesthetic surgery as well as pediatric reconstruction. This powerful combination allows us to focus on creating facial harmony. We bring an artist’s eye to every reconstruction, and by doing so, we are laser-focused on both the function and the creation of beautiful outcomes for our patients. The results show it.

We Want To Be Part of Your Family

As parents ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to hear that your child has a craniofacial diagnosis. Parents often express feeling overwhelmed before reaching out to our team. Our team is here to help. While we love what we do for many reasons, our central passion is transformations. As a result, we not only get to see the deep satisfaction of a child’s smile after surgery, but we get to build relationships with our patients and their families. Before we do any procedure, we want to know about your child, you and your family and what your goals are. Then we discuss how we can make them a reality.

When you walk out of our office following a procedure, we want to stay in touch with you. Of course, there will be regularly scheduled follow-up visits, but we love updates, photos and Christmas cards, well after treatment has concluded.

Why Wellspring Craniofacial Group is Your Best Choice

The bottom line is that no parent should have to go through such difficult times alone, and that transformations happen every day. No matter which of our pediatric craniofacial surgeons you work with, our hearts are tied to you and your child, and we strive to make a difficult situation easier. When dealing with a young patient, the most important attributes a pediatric craniofacial surgeon can possess is the ability to elevate results and the ability to be compassionate while gently caring for your child. At Wellspring Craniofacial Group, this love is evident as soon as you enter our office.

Wellspring Craniofacial Group would be honored to walk through the stages of life with you and your child. Transformations are our passions, and we love what we do. Don’t hesitate to schedule a stress-free consultation with a pediatric craniofacial surgeon today. Call us at (512) 600-2888.